Slow Death of Autumn

The experience is the journey, not the final destination.

Slow Death of Autumn was originally conceived in 2003 as an experiment. I was curious to see if I could write a score for a movie. I never had attempted to do so before but the idea intrigued me. I drafted up a quick movie treatment and started structuring music around where I felt the movie would take an audience. Everything spiraled from there.

Since then SDoA has become the home of various projects. They normally begin with an abstract concept and grow from there. I have an affinity for approaching art in non-traditional ways to see what results come from it. Because of this, each project tends to vary from one another.

To categorize or try to explain it would in my opinion be a disservice to you all. It’s not that I think it transcends words rather I would like you take to from it in your own way. My descriptions would create pre-conceived notions and barriers to your own personal journey.

In the end, I can only hope that you find something in the projects that inspires you.